About the Carbon Valley Help Center

Founded in 2013, the Carbon Valley Help Center is a local nonprofit started on behalf of the Carbon Valley Network, which is a local group that exists to share information and enhance collaboration between human services groups, faith-based organizations, the school district, municipalities, Weld County and nonprofits serving the Carbon Valley region and the communities of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono.

In 2008, community and regional organizations serving the Carbon Valley area realized those in need were turning to local churches or neighboring communities to find help. To many, it was a familiar story from the early days of the OUR Center in Longmont, which today is a community-based agency that provides a strong foundation for those in need to regain self-sufficiency. OUR Center employees graciously started conversations with the Carbon Valley Network after realizing they didn't have the resources to serve the growing Carbon Valley area. With the OUR Center's assistance, leadership and guidance, the goal became to create a sister organization that could serve the Carbon Valley.

In 2011, the Carbon Valley Help Center committee began facilitating ideas and started the registration process with the State of Colorado. One year later, the Carbon Valley Help Center board of directors was formed and official nonprofit status was received. By the fall of 2012, the Help Center received approval from the Town of Firestone to utilize its old town hall for the organization and volunteers came forward to help make the Help Center a reality. The Carbon Valley Help Center opened in February 2013 and continues to grow in its mission to help people in immediate need move toward self-sufficiency. 

Board of Directors

Franki Bertram – President     

Tracy Graham – Vice President 

Summer Campos  – Secretary        

Amy Lister - Treasurer

Carly Everitt - Member At Large

Andrew Pittman - Member At Large


Robin Monthei, Executive Director

Gabriella Gutierrez, Case Manager